when life sucks.

You know your life sucks when summer and school are used in the same sentence. As in, “hey you failed math so im forcing you to do summer school.” Ick. I mean, i shouldnt fail math and ill pay more attention in the future sure, but do life lessons have to be such a pain? I wake up at 6:00 and get home at 3:00. no time for friends, dance, my boyfriend. No time for me. And why do i have to learn this if i plan on majoring in english anyways? i know, broken record and all that. Same argument teens are using all around to try and get out of equations.

Although i dearly love to hate the math part of the class, its not half bad when i focus on the people and not the stupid trigonometry. there’s around eight of us in here, but each one of us is bursting with personality. Maybe they’re actually all boring people and i pretend their interesting and special to entertain my own overflowing imagination. but i like to think everyone is different and has something to offer. maybe not always something pleasant or helpful, but something nonetheless. today, i want to start with one of the quieter kids in my class. ill call him gopher.

gopher is the sweetest kid i know. when i first met him, i for sure pegged him as a stoner. but hes not. he has the same chill vibe a stoner would have but with the full metal capacity. and he gives the best hugs. it amazes me how much he just lets stuff go. ive never seen him get pissed off. not to the point i have. well, i do have a bad temper so that my account for something. but he takes everything at arms length. i could probably learn from that. but i wont. another thing about gopher, he is a genious. his computer skills are crazy. they leave me in shock over what he can do. and im always jealous of his creativity. because he has alot of it. we joke, that hes not exactly human. hes double jointed, extremly smart, and he bend anyway he wants. i wonder what planet he came from and if i can adopt a kid from there if it will be as well tempered as gopher. hes the classes resident calm. he rarely speaks unless spoken too and makes it a point to be kind in all he says and does.

hang in there peeps. until next time:

indie moon.


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