intro or prolouge whatever its called.

when i first started writing i had in mind the idea to write about each person in my class individualy. now i realize how insane that is. first it takes wayyyy too long. second it would become routine and boring. and i have the attention span of a fly. so im just going to write about everyone in one big post. now dosent that sound fun?

i have a fairly small class. maybe ten in all. but each person definitly has something to offer to the class. you know gopher already so ill start on 007th grader. hes the definition of a “tough guy” he likes to act like a bit of a jerk and pretend nothing touches him. but hes sweet when you can get to know him. next, we have the todler. he likes to pretend hes so grown up but has a bad temper and a long way to go before his maturity is anywhere near adult. then theres the flowers. ginger-rose and sunflower. theyre the two girls in my class who take the slot for cute sweet hearts. and prom queen. they look like they might be rude. but their not. we have the jock, hes fit funny and makes me feel extremly self consiuce because i dont work out more. then theres tink. shes fiesty, funny and dosent take shit from no one. shes fierce and cute and everything i wish i were. last but not least we have the free spirit. because shes never afraid to be her self and shes beautiful for it.

i may act annoyed and they may piss me off, but deep down im thankful for all these indiviuals. because they make math kinda fun. and i cant imagine a better group to spend the day with.

peace out peeps

indie moon


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