why i am anti social

so today, my ex literaly threatened to kill me. in the middle of the hall way. of. my. high. school. ughhhhhhhhhhh. i cannot stress this enough: i do not care what you say or think, its not like your going to act on it anyway. just like you never beat my new boyfriends face in or smashed his car. every one knows your a bloody coward. always have been always will be.

you see, while i am not the most proactive, speak out, take action sort of girl, i am not a coward. i will stand up for me. and i do what i say ill do. you can be sure of that. so when i say im going to the cops because your stocking me. i will go to the cops because you are stocking me. because yes, having people follow me, keep tabs on me, telling you everything i do and say and who i talk to COUNTS AS STOCKING.

sorry for the rant guys, ive just had a lot of pent up emotion all day. its hard because my friends all say the same thing, get over it. so this makes up for them sucking

until next time

xoxo indie moon


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