things ive learned from tv.

life lessons come in all kinds of ways. here are a few that ive learned from tv.

from dexter i learned sometimes people do the wrong thing for the right reason.

american horror story taught me that things arent as they seem; there are many sides to a story.

how i met your mother showed me that family does not always share blood with you.

big bang theory taught me that theres a diffrence between being smart and knowing things

from parenthood, i learned that things dont always last, but it will work out.

from ghost whisper i learned that life goes on, even after death. you just have to let go.

from scrubs, i realized that whats best for you isnt always what you want and things wont always end happy.


there you guys go. what are somethings youve learned? leave your answer in the comments.


love you peeps!!

indie moon


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