20 things about me

uh 20 things about me

I’ll try to keep things simple

1; I’m a pieces (march 2nd)

2; I dance in the rain

3; my eyes are blue

4; I’ve been dancing since I was 8 (8 years)

5; I love malamutes and huskies

6; I’m a daddy’s girl

7; I’ve ridden on elephants

8; I love dresses

9; on the contrary I also learned be skinny jeans and band t-shirts

10; I’m 5″ even

11; I like mosh pits

10; I hate math

11; I like adventures

13; there’s not much that scares me

14; spiders terrify me

15; I have a purple stuffed lamb I’ve had since I was born

16; I sunburn way too easily

17; I am my mother reincarnate

18; I have a major sweet tooth

19; I’m addicted to YouTube

20; I love writing

Yeah! Comment things about you


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